New CDC Guidelines

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The CDC has shortened Covid isolation * to 5 days, if you are improving and fever-free.  Additionally, if you are “currently vaccinated” ** you do not need to quarantine ***, but you should diligently wear a mask and social distance … Continued

What’s up with omicron?

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The omicron strain of Covid is now widespread across much of the world, including the US.  It is many times more contagious than even the delta variant of Covid or than the flu.  It seems to be causing milder illness … Continued

Some COVID-19 Vaccine Answers

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Children rarely get ill from COVID-19.  Why should they be vaccinated? To avoid getting Covid: Having Covid, isolations time, quarantine time all interfere with education and social time for children and work time for parents. To avoid getting MIS-C (Multisystem … Continued

COVID-19 Testing

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COVID-19 testing is readily available at multiple Curative sites, through the Delaware Department of Health. Testing sites in Delaware   We have COVID-19 antigen tests in the office, giving results w/in 15-30 minutes.  These tests require interpretation for each patient … Continued

Telephone Hours Change

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Due to staffing shortages and increased Covid administrative demands, we must temporarily reduce call-in telephone hours.  New open phone line hours from Monday-Friday are 9 am – 12 pm and 2 pm – 4 pm.  Messages will still be checked … Continued

Nurses needed

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Would you like to work with us?  We are currently hiring R.N.s, LPNs, and M.A.s.  Send your resume to or fax ATTN: Nurse Melissa (302) 478-2637.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Office Renovations

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Renovations of our office are almost complete.  Please excuse the disarray and any inconvenience while work is in progress.  It will be an improvement for all of us!  Thank you.