Delaware COVID-19 Vaccine Waitlist

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Everyone 16 years old and over will be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine through the State of Delaware and some pharmacies as of April 6, 2021.  No medical condition is required.  Pharmacy waitlists will also be available separately.  These … Continued

Farewell, Dr. Ray

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Sadly, Dr. Ray left Brandywine Pediatrics at the end of March.  We are hoping to announce her replacement in the very near future.  Please be assured that we will continue to take excellent care of your children in the interim.  … Continued

Quarantine Rules Changed

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The CDC has put out new guidance regarding quarantine.  The long quarantine period, based on the best understanding of contagion, has placed a huge burden on those who cannot afford to miss in-person work or school. The CDC continues to … Continued

Awaiting COVID-19 Results

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Until the COVID-19 test is resulted, we advise that your child and all family members remain out of work/school/camp. If a negative test is confirmed, your child will be cleared to return to camp/school once fever free for 24 hours … Continued

COVID-19 Testing in Office

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We have COVID-19 antigen tests in the office, giving results w/in 15-30 minutes.  These tests require interpretation for each patient and at times may need to be verified by PCR. We can still obtain samples for COVID-19 PCR testing in … Continued