New CDC Guidelines

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The CDC has shortened Covid isolation * to 5 days, if you are improving and fever-free.  Additionally, if you are “currently vaccinated” ** you do not need to quarantine ***, but you should diligently wear a mask and social distance for 10 days following exposure.  If you are not “currently vaccinated”, you must quarantine for five days following exposure and then continue to mask and social distance for an additional five days. See below for further details.
[Healthcare worker guidelines remain stricter.]
* isolation = time you must stay home once diagnosed with COVID19
** currently vaccinated = within 6 months of your Moderna/Pfizer vaccine series or booster or within 2 months of your J&J vaccine
*** quarantine = time you must stay out of work/school monitoring for symptoms after an exposure
Masks should be triple layer surgical masks or N95s.  Cloth masks were never optimal and are much less effective against omicron variant.