Welcome, Baby!

Welcome, new – and experienced – parents!

For over 30 years Brandywine Pediatrics has prided itself on offering excellent, evidence-based, and personal care.  One way in which we do this is having a system which offers the best of both individual and group private practices.  Our families have not just a Brandywine Pediatrics practice but also a small individual practice.  Parents and patients have the same doctor(s) taking care of them, for well and sick visits; the same voices answering the telephone and giving advice; and the same nurses visit after visit assisting with appointments.  But you also get office hours 7 days a week (weekends and holidays for acute care visits only), our lactation expert (billed to your insurance), an embedded psychologist (works independently within our office), 4 dedicated nurse practitioners, as well as insurance, billing, and referral assistance on site.

So please choose a primary practice!  We have 6 practices: 4 solo full-time and 2 shared (2 doctors with a full-time practice).

Meet our physicians.

The Breast Advice… from Angela Leonard, IBCLC.  Call (302) 478-2604 to schedule

Scheduling that new Bundle of Joy first visit.


Recommended books:

           AAP: Your Baby’s First Year

           Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child

           A New Mother’s Guide to Breastfeeding

Recommended sites:

           American Academy of Pediatrics

           CHOP Vaccine Education Center

           Nemours Kids Health